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Leather and Shearling Manufacturer in Turkey

About By Kani

 Under its own brand, By Kani manufactures a wide range of leather and shearling products, by kani is the garment brand of Kani Leather Tannery.

Thanks to the professional team and modern production plant, it has a production capacity of 40.000 units per year.

Combining its unique design, coupled with world-class fashion, By kani creates collections that will appeal to everyone. In its showroom, it offers sales for both boutiques and wholesalers.

Our leather journey has start in 1962 by leather tanning, and it turned in to passion by leather and shearling jacket manufacturing in 1985 to become a flagship in fashion industry. As By Kani, we follow advanced technologies on sewing techniques, use best-class leather and shearling  to honor the material that we deeply respect.

When By Kani first started, our goal was to make every customer who wears one of our clothes feel incredibly special. When we design, we keep in mind the customer who wants a caprice leather and sheepskin jacket that stands out from the crowd or another who wants to add a very specific handmade piece to their collection, as well as the customer who just wants a basic that will last a lifetime.

Our jackets are handcrafted in Turkey by artists who have devoted their entire lives to this industry, one at a time, and individually for each customer. In this way, the utmost care, devotion, and affection are put into the creation of every zipper, seam, and detail. We exclusively make use of methods and components that yield the greatest results.

The goal of By Kani Leather is to provide durable, high-quality clothing that will look great and last for years. By Kani dedication to employing only the best leather, suede, and sheepskin from our tannery division is at the heart of our business. Our highly skilled production staff has years of experience in the extremely specialized field of leather manufacturing.  By Kani factory in Istanbul creates classic, gorgeous clothing as a result of their talent.

All of our materials and products are created by our talented craftsmen, allowing us to closely control the final product's quality and ensure perfection, originality, and well-crafted goods that will last a lifetime.

We produce the leather we use in-house at our tannery. To guarantee that it reaches the highest standards, we hand-pick each leather individually. By Kani work tirelessly to achieve our goal of providing you with the greatest leather and shearling jacket we are capable of.

Even today, By Kani continues to manufacture leather products, reflecting not just timeless styles but also the original concepts that emerge with each new season. We are really proud of the customers we serve, our employees, and our goods.

Every consumer can choose a style from By Kani, from traditional to modern, dressy to casual. We provide outerwear made of goat suede, lambskin, and shearling.

We employ skilled artisans and uphold the highest standards and processes. The bulk of our staff members have worked for us for more than fifteen years and are extremely proud of their work, just as we are aware that people are proud of the things they choose to have in their lives.

Using its experience in the field of fashion and knowledge, with its dynamic structure, it is on the right way to creating a global leather brand. When it comes to manufacturing, By Kani has a great setup resulting in excellent organization, development and turnover. Our goal is to create the most trended fashion deliver to our customer.

By offering a wide selection of products we have been able to build a strong client base. We believe that it is highly important to maintain genuine long-term connections with the customer. Our another goal is to supply for life.

Customer Satisfaction is our number one priority. Our customers are our headliners. One of the main components to keeping satisfaction up high is through distinct after sales service. We make sure to lend a hand at every step after it is decided to enjoy our endless variety of products.

Image by Anastasia Anastasia
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