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We, at /  Kani Leather Deri Limited ʞirketi ("Our Company"), prioritize the safeguarding of your personal information.With this in mind, we certify that we adhere to the provisions outlined in the applicable legislation and that we handle and retain your personal information in compliance with the aforementioned regulations, communications, and the Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698 ("Law").

Upon accessing our website ( or our Company's mobile application, users will be required to adhere to comprehensive privacy regulations concerning the use, modification, confidentiality, protection, and communications of member and customer information, among other matters. By logging in to our website, users automatically confirm their agreement to abide by these regulations; therefore, we respectfully urge them to thoroughly review them.

In accordance with our legal obligation to disclose information outlined in Article 10, we wish to apprise you of the following concerns pertaining to the methods, objectives, and transfers of personal data pertaining to our members, customers, and visitors who utilize our mobile application and website:

A. Legal Form

Particular provisions concerning the use of the personal information of our members and consumers can be found in the aforementioned legislation; further provisions can be found in the Law on the Regulation of Electronic Commerce No. 6563 and the Turkish Criminal Code No. 5237. The collection and utilization of personal information pertaining to our consumers and members is mandated by Law No. 6502 on Consumer Protection and the Regulation on Distance Contracts.

B. Scope, Methodology, and Objective of Personal Data Processing

Personal data comprises any information pertaining to a natural person who can be identified or identified in accordance with the law.

With your consent, our company, the data controller, may obtain your personal and/or private personal data in whole or in part through our written communication channels, our social media pages, in-store communication channels, and/or any other type of communication channel. Such data may be retained, stored, modified, controlled, reorganized, classified, and maintained for the duration necessary to fulfill the intended purpose for which it was collected.

The purpose of utilizing the personal data of our visitors, customers, and members is as follows: to authenticate purchases conducted via our website and mobile application; to maintain records of essential information such as telephone numbers, addresses, and complaints and suggestions; to facilitate communication regarding order, payment, delivery, shipping, and return procedures; to disseminate details regarding distance sales contracts and membership agreements; to provide updates and modifications; and to carry out our legal and administrative obligations.

C. The Approaches Employed in Gathering the Personal Data

The processing of personal data provided by customers and members who conduct transactions via our mobile application or is governed by the relevant legislation and with the consent of our customers and members.With your consent, we collect your personal information via our website, mobile application, social media, and other comparable channels so that you may benefit from the services of our brand. This information is used to inform you about our campaigns, to record your requests, suggestions, and complaints, to improve service quality, and to develop and implement customer-centric commercial and corporate policies and strategies, among other purposes.

D. Information Processed by Our Firm

With the explicit consent of the data proprietor, visitors, customers, or members, or in adherence to the stipulations of the pertinent fifth and sixth articles of the Law, our organization processes your personal information. The following information pertaining to the data proprietor, visitors, customers, or members may be processed by our organization in compliance with applicable laws and our personal data protection and privacy policy:

-  Name, last name, address, and any other pertinent contact details; data necessary for invoice generation.

-  When customers and members of the data owner utilize their social media accounts to access our website or mobile application, the data owner's authorized sharing information will be transmitted through those channels.

-  Telephone conversations and correspondences with members, consumers, and visitors

-  The following information may be collected: i.e., an Internet protocol address, a device ID, statistical data regarding visits to web pages, information on incoming and outgoing traffic, data regarding transactions and actions executed via advertising, and email contents accessed via our website.

E. Transfer of Personal Information

Subject to the aforementioned restrictions, our organization may disclose your personal information in the following ways: with your explicit consent, in accordance with the law, and with the assistance of our group companies, business partners, suppliers, audit firms, public institutions or organizations authorized to request such information in accordance with legal requirements, and with other pertinent institutions to facilitate our related operations.

F. Security of Personal Information

The personal information that you entrust to our organization is safeguarded and managed by us. As the data controller, we implement the necessary technical measures to safeguard your personal information and maintain its confidentiality.

G. Legal Rights of the Owner of the Data

The following rights are accorded to our visitors, customers, and members in accordance with Article 11 of the Law:

to ascertain whether or not their personal information was processed,

in the event that their personal information was processed, to inquire about it.

to discover the rationale behind the processing of your personal information and whether it was used as intended.

to know the domestic or international third parties to whom their personal information was transferred.

to request that any incomplete or inaccurate data be rectified, if present.

in order to request the removal or destruction of personal data once the grounds for its processing have been exhausted.

to request notification of the correction and deletion of personal data to the third parties to whom the information was conveyed,

dissent to the occurrence of any result that is detrimental to the individual as a result of personal data analysis conducted solely by automated systems.

duplicate any confidential information.

H. Application of Cookies and Analogous Technologies

The cookies are utilized on the online site.Cookies are data or tiny text files that are stored on the user's device, including a mobile application-using phone or tablet, during a visit to our website. The primary functions of cookies are to generate a synopsis of the data and preferences that have been gathered from you, to identify particular promotions, to provide marketing and promotional recommendations, and to enhance our website and mobile application.

In order to personalize our website and mobile application according to your interests and requirements, we employ cookies. These cookie files have the capability to be read and written by websites. This enables them to retain crucial information about you, such as your preference settings, which can be used to identify and recommend more appropriate content.

Additionally, cookies assist in expediting subsequent operations on our website and mobile application. Furthermore, we may employ cookies to gather statistical data regarding the utilization of our website and mobile application. This information is intended to enhance the design and efficacy of our products and services and to provide insights to our clients, members, and visitors.

Users have the ability to reject or eliminate cookies from our website and mobile application at any time by modifying the cookie settings in their browser.

I. Permit for Commercial Communication and Open Consent

We process your identity, contact information, and shopping details with your consent in order to communicate with you via your preferred method of communication regarding campaigns, promotions, advertisements, and information that we distribute via our website and mobile application for general or special members.

You may provide your express consent or communication permission via our website or mobile application for the purposes and scope of personal data processing as outlined in the Protection of Personal Data and Privacy Policy. Additionally, in cases where an electronic commercial communication permit is necessary for engaging in commercial communication activities, you may do so.

Individuals who are members, visitors, or customers of our organization may at any time and without explanation contact us via their preferred communication channels. Furthermore, they have the ability to revoke or suspend the authorization for the processing of their personal data and commercial electronic communication. Written notification is required for this.

J. Privacy and Security

Personal information is gathered by our organization (e.g., identity details, telephone number, email address) so that we may deliver enhanced and superior service to our members, visitors, and consumers. Such information as is gathered on the servers of our website for the sole purpose of conducting periodic campaign works, determining special promotional activities for customer profiles, and customer "classification" work to prevent the transmission of unsolicited e-mails. We refrain from disclosing any information gathered in accordance with the membership agreement to third parties without the member's knowledge or explicit instruction. Furthermore, we do not utilize or sell the information for commercial gain or any other purpose.

Disclosure of customer information is strictly limited to circumstances where disclosure is requested by the authorities or when the entity is obligated to provide an explanation to the authorities in compliance with the relevant legislation.

All information entered by our customers and members into the system is accessible and modifiable solely by those individuals. Anyone is unable to gain access to or modify this information. To maintain the highest level of security for our valued customers and members who shop on the site, the credit card information requested on the payment page is not stored in any way on our website or our servers. Consequently, all payment transactions occur between the bank and your computer via the interface of our website or mobile application.

K. Amendings

This Protection of Personal Data and Privacy Policy is subject to modification at any time by our organization for administrative decisions, legislative changes, or other factors. Any modification shall enter into force immediately upon its publication on the website.

Should you require any further information beyond what has been specified above, you are welcome to contact our organization via any preferred means of communication.

The provisions of the Membership Preliminary Information and Membership Contract, the Distance Sales Contract, and any applicable legislation published on our website shall govern and be legally binding in situations not covered by this information.


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