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"How to Properly Care for Your Shearling Jacket: Maintenance Tips and Cleaning Techniques" Cleaning and Maintaining Sheepskin Coat

Updated: May 27

How To Clean Sheepskin Coat

Shearling-made clothing is stylish, durable, and incredibly warm. The only time a lamb's hide is sheared, the wool is left on and the hide is then treated, dyed, and tanned. It's genuine shearling. has a suede leather finish on one side and clipped wool on the other. It's common to use the terms shearling and sheepskin interchangeably. Shearling is made from lambs, and sheepskin is used to manufacture garments and rugs. In coat linings and home décor products, man-made fibers are widely utilized to mimic the look of shearling. You can often machine-wash fake shearling; just make sure to check the care instructions. Shearling is airy, hypoallergenic, and static-resistant. With the right care, shearling matures more supple and comfortable. Find out how to keep your shearling shoes, accessories, and clothes in the best possible condition.

A woman wearing a beige sheepskin coat in the snowy weather.

How Often Should Shearling Be Cleaned?

By Kani recommends that shearling has to be cleaned as soon as possible, whether it is on the suede or wooly side. Cleaning and maintaining sheepskin coat should be at least once a week, clean the suede side of the item with a soft-bristled suede brush to remove any loose dust and grime. Brushing often might assist delay the requirement for cleaning services. If you are caught in the rain, let the shearling slowly dry away from the sun or direct heat. The suede brush can then be used to elevate any areas of the fabric that have been squashed. It should be cleaned thoroughly if a shearling coat develops strong perspiration odors or significant stains.

Cleaning Sheepskin Coat

How to Remove Spot Stains from Real Shearling;

1. As soon as you can, swab the jacket with a clean cloth after a spill. If you spill something while wearing your jacket, quickly clean it up with a fresh cloth or paper towel. Instead of rubbing the liquid with a towel to absorb the moisture, dab it. Comb the hair many times to make sure all of the dirt is gone.

2. To get rid of minute dirt stains, use a suede brush or a steel comb. If your shearling jacket has a smooth suede side, use the suede brush to clean any little stains off it. Lightly brush the fur with a fine steel comb to keep the shearling very silky and remove any dirt clumps. Rubbing the shearling jacket with a towel or other material could be detrimental.

3. Dab a little detergent on the stained part of your jacket to clean it. Before using it on your clothes, dab a little amount of a mild washing detergent directly on the stain. Gently dab it in with a clean paper towel, and then wipe the soap away with a damp cloth.

4. To avoid harming the jacket, dab the soap away from the sheepskin rather than violently rubbing it. Avoid putting your shearling coat in the washer or dryer. This can ruin your jacket even if you wash it on the mild cycle. It's crucial to follow the care label directions to protect the shearling material, which is easily damaged, especially by heat from a dryer.

5. Take your jacket to a skilled fur cleaner for a thorough cleaning. The care label for your shearling jacket may be found there, and it instructs you to visit a professional. If you want to take your shearling jacket to a traditional dry cleaner, make sure they have experience cleaning sheepskin to prevent damage. To ensure that your jacket is protected, it is best to use a skilled fur cleaning service. Shearling may harden or change color if cleaned improperly by a traditional dry cleaner. Try to get your shearling jacket cleaned before storing it at the end of each winter.

Drying Shearling Jacket

1. If your jacket is sopping wet, use a towel to mop up the extra moisture. If you wear your coat in the rain or if it becomes excessively damp, lay it out on a towel that has been stretched out. Put a second clean, dry towel on top and gently push down to absorb the water. Pat the entire jacket through the towel to start drying it. Shake out the coat lightly before patting it dry with a towel.

2. Hang the coat up on a sturdy hanger. The hanger should be hung from a dependable laundry rack or similar hook so that it may naturally air dry. Avoid using wire hangers since they typically aren't strong enough to hold a large, wet, shearling jacket.

3. Air out the jacket to dry it in a cool, shady area. If you hang your jacket to dry next to a fire, a hot vent, or any other particularly hot location, it can get damaged. Keep your shearling jacket in a room with a normal temperature to prevent the sheepskin from drying out.

Maintaining Your Shearling Jacket

1. To enable it to breathe, keep your clean shearling coat in a cotton bag. Throughout the warmer months, while keeping your shearling coat, instead of wrapping it and putting it in a plastic bag, use a clean cloth bag. By allowing the jacket to air, you can stop mold from growing inside and bad odors from developing. If the leather is stored in a ventilated bag, it will last longer. Make sure your jacket is clean before storing it.

2. Spray a stain-resistant spray on your jacket for more protection. Buy a spray repellent that works on leather or shearling and protects against liquids like water and rain. Shake the can of stain-repellent spray before evenly applying it to the jacket. Make sure the jacket has completely dried before donning it. Make careful to read the instructions on the spray's bottle before using it.

3. Hang your jacket on a sturdy hanger to help it keep its form. Shearling jackets are heavier than the majority of other jacket types, thus in order to keep them in good shape when storing them, it's essential to hang them up firmly. Hang your shearling jacket on a wooden or plastic hanger for adequate shoulder support.

4. Avoid leaving your jacket out in the sun for too long. Sunlight may really bleach your shearling jacket over time, diminishing the color. Instead of leaving your jacket next to a bright window or hanging it on a hook that gets a lot of light, choose a spot that is a little more protected.

A person is cleaning a suede leather jacket with a brush.

● Spray a non-silicone water-repellent spray over the shearling suede side of the item before using it for the first time.

● Brush the suede side in between wearings and allow the inside wool side to air dry.

● Avoid donning damp shearling apparel.

● If you won't be wearing the shearling for a long, cover it with a cotton cloth to prevent dust from sticking to the surface.

● You should never wash any of your lambskin outerwear. These home repair tools are not designed to handle this assortment of clothing items. Avoid dryers as well for the same reason. This selection of dresses often requires dry cleaning. You may also consider air drying them.

● You shouldn't utilize lambskin items close to flames. Extreme heat sources should also be avoided. More than anything, flame and intense heat damage this range of clothing.

● It's important to hang lambskin garments correctly. Always choose a hanger that is suitable for the task at hand—one that is sturdy and sizable enough to handle the weight. Never drape your lambskin garment over a doorknob or any other rounded item to protect the curve at the shoulders.

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