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Under its own brand, By Kani manufactures a wide range of leather and shearling products, By kani is the garment brand of Kani Leather TanneryThanks to the professional team and modern production plant, it has a production capacity of 40.000 units per year. Our leather journey has start in 1962 by leather tanning, and it turned in to passion by leather and shearling jacket manufacturing in 1985 to become a flagship in fashion industry. As By Kani, we follow advanced technologies on sewing techniques, use best-class leather and shearling to honor the material that we deeply respect. Combining its unique design, coupled with world-class fashion, By Kani creates collections that will appeal to everyone. In its showroom, it offers sales for both boutiques and wholesalers.  By Kani's jackets are handcrafted in Turkey by artists who have devoted their years to this industry, one at a time, and individually for each customer. In this way, the utmost care, devotion, and affection are put into the creation of every zipper, seam, and detail. Our highly skilled production staff has years of experience in the extremely specialized field of leather manufacturing. By Kani leather factory in Istanbul creates classic, gorgeous clothing as a result of their talent.

By Kani's customers get to experience first-hand what it means to be part of the by Kani family. In order to sustain these valuable relationships, we make sure to know who our customers are and continuously update them about who we are. Carefully thought out events introduce our collections and communicate our core believes. With an experienced team of designers and skillful support of our own R&D division, by Kani has succeeded in inspiring innumerable international brands. Our design team seeks to create miscellaneous collections, with the prime focus on the customers’ needs and preferences. All of our materials and products are created by our talented craftsmen, allowing us to closely control the final product's quality and ensure perfection, originality, and well-crafted goods that will last a lifetime. We create a bond between pattern-maker and stylist: the right harmony to break the identity of a leather and shearling garment into parts and then recompose it to make the stylist’s vision materialize. The cut is the most delicate step in the production process of By Kani and the cutter is the key figure in giving the leather and shearling garment its appeal.  By Kani make artisan garments in leather and shearling by taking care of the smallest details. Our seamstresses personally follow the sewing process of each single production because we believe this is the best way to obtain perfect manufacturing for the leather and shearling garment. We produce the leather we use in-house at our tannery. To guarantee that it reaches the highest standards, we hand-pick each leather individually. By Kani work tirelessly to achieve our goal of providing you with the greatest leather and shearling jacket we are capable of.

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Only The Finest Materials

By Kani Sheepskin Coats and Leather Jackets are a customer favorite, and for good reason. Made from the finest materials, our coats are crafted to provide maximum warmth and comfort, without sacrificing style or durability. Our factories in Turkey use top-of-the-line technology and employ skilled artisans to create the perfect coat for your needs. We provide wholesale options for our leather jackets and sheepskin coats, so you can stock the latest trends for your store and meet the demands of your customers. Order today and experience the best service in the industry.

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